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High quality stages with low price, professional look, ingenious design, quick assembly and dissasembly by one technician guy...

- 7x6 m, STAGEMOBIL XL - 8x6 m

   Welcome on We offer german-made mobile stages STAGEMOBIL.DE. for rent and sale. Due to their size and sophisticated design, these mobile stages are suitable for small to medium size events, concerts, festivals, cultural and non-cultural (i.e political) performances, presentation and advertising events, just wherever you want to be seen. Mobile stages STAGEMOBIL offer a several variants of possible sizes (stage area 31m2, 43m2 or 48m2), exactly tailored to your needs. Of course, we also supply all standard accessories such as side and rear curtains, safety rails, stairs for free and some accessories for extra fee - PA wings, tools for PA hanging, additional stairs, cable bridges, etc. (see price list below). Mobile stages STAGEMOBIL L and STAGEMOBIL XL are ready in 20-60 minutes for your gig. At request, we can provide professional sound and lights for your event.

Technical parameters and dimensions of mobile stages:

STAGEMOBIL L - 7x4,5 m or 7x6 m, floor height 0,8-1,2 m, roof height (front/rear) 3,2/2,6 m.            STAGEMOBIL XL - 8x6 m, floor 1,2-1,4 m, roof (front/rear) 4,1/3,6 m. 

Total trailer weight - 2700 kg(L), 3500 kg(XL). Floor capacity - 350 kg/m2, roof capacity (sound & light equipment, LED walls, etc.) - 350 kg(L), 1050 kg(XL).
Our mobile stages are fully homologated and of course we have valid technical atests of German TÜV and revision.
You can find some photos from events with our mobile stages here and here. The news and our "road stories" follow on facebook.

Price list of stages and extra accessories 2023:

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